18in Original Double Rainbow/Elephant SV Dream Carrier Auction

I am auctioning off my personal Dream Carrier. It is made out of a Girasol Double Rainbow wrap, turquoise solarveil, and my favorite elephant print. It is reversible. It also has dual tone straps, turquoise shoulder straps and a purple waist strap.

The straight waist is padded for approx 26.5in and has an additional 10in of webbing on each side, giving a total length of 46.5in. It has a 2in dual adjustable waist buckle. This carrier can be worn apron or non-apron. I wore it both ways, depending on my girls size/age.

The straight shoulder straps are 17.5in long plus an additional 24in of webbing on each side. This carrier comes with an elephant fabric chest strap.

The carrier body is 18in tall & 17in wide. I used it last summer with my 18mo old. It still fits her well and she is 28mo old.

I am only selling due to many unforeseen expenses.

To bid on this auction, comment below with your bid. Please bid in $10 increments. I will be closing this at 9am CST Monday morning. The opening bid will be $195. Shipping is not included and will be the exact shipping cost to be paid by the winner of the auction. Should the winner back out, I will move on to the next highest bidder.Image

DSC_0094Sorry for the blurry photo…i’m working on getting a new one. (my camera is one of the things that broke this past week)

Thank you for looking & happy bidding!



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14 Responses to 18in Original Double Rainbow/Elephant SV Dream Carrier Auction

  1. Wendy Schroeder says:


  2. Brianna says:

    $215 🙂



  4. Brianna says:


  5. congrats to BRIANNA!! 😀 will email you to work out the details. Thank you all!

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