2012 Pricing

Welcome to Dream Carrier Threads!

You send me your fabric & I sew it up for you.

I am currently offering the classic DC baby carrier, DCT linen drawstring patchwork skirts, scrappy wrap bags/purses & more to come soon!

Here is the current 2012 price guide-

Full Buckle DC  $105

Additional options for a FBDC-

Combo waist- $10

Neo contoured shoulder straps- $10

Flat hood- $10

Hoodie- $15

Special wrap fee- $15

Half Buckle DC- $110

DC Mei Tai- $115

Linen patchy drawstring skirt- $63

Hemp patchy drawstring skirt- $78

Scrappy purse- $45

The prices above for the DC’s are for normal fabric DC’s or wrap transformations. I do require that you send in the fabric & or wrap to me. Please email me ahead of time to make sure you are getting suitable fabric. I have a list of strap fabrics that I find suitable for carriers that you can choose from. I also have many fabric store links if you are in need.

I will also be working together with Sustain.able Sprouts, so stay tuned for more info on that!

The skirts and purses are custom made, but those prices reflect fabric cost and you can choose your colors, etc.
Please email me with questions at dreamcarrierthreads@gmail.com

Thank you!

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